Zip all your files, on-the-fly.

Create zips with unlimited files, of any size, and stream them with complete confidence

Compatible with the biggest storage platforms

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Exclusive features

S3 & S3-compatible support

Connect your S3 or S3-compatible-service buckets with ease and include any files from your buckets in your zips.

Create many share-able links

Create new links for your zips, with custom expiration dates or set them as one-time-links to expire after being used.

Roll-back to any previous zip version

We keep all your zip additions & changes so you can revert to any older or newer deployment any time you have to, with a single click.

Zip files from various sources

Whether your files are in different storage buckets, or available from different URLs, you can select files from mulitple sources for any zip.

Analytics at your finger tips

View your total zip downloads and total bandwidth consumed for each zip in a 24 hour, 7 day and 30 day timeframe.

Global and fast infrastructure

Your zips will automatically start downloading from servers closest to where your users are, for a rapid and uninterrupted experience.

All-in-one, ultra-fast zip-on-the-fly experience

Get started in a matter of seconds, by creating your zip with your desired files, and sending the generated download link to your users to download.

Create Your Zips

Easily create zips using our user-friendly dashboard or our developer-friendly API and start streaming zips with ease!

No Bandwidth Worries

With our affordable prices and our generous bandwidth allowance, you can stream your zips without any worries!

Global Network of Servers

With our global network of servers, your users get the fastest and closest servers to them, allowing them to receive the fastest speeds while downloading zips!

How FlyZip Works

Make things easy for your customers


Create a Zip

You enter your desired files from any storage bucket or URL that are in need to be zipped


Custom Options

You select whether you want FlyZip to automatically find & verify the correct file sizes


Generate Zip Url

FlyZip will quickly generate a single URL with custom expiration dates that can be shared with others


Share Zip Url

Once that URL is accessed, your ZIP will start downloading instantly from our global servers

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